keeping creative

Steps to Keeping creative. 

Keeping creative can be tough, even the best get into situations where they just have no motivation and no drive!  

For me, I’ve always struggled with creating work that I enjoy and ended up creating for others, and that all comes down to the responses you get and the fear of showing what you’re actually passionate about! 

There is so much judgement in our society that you just have to say fuck it! In the end, there will be people who won’t like your art, but there are many people who will! So don’t create work to fit in, create work that you love and then the people will come along and appreciate it just as much as you.


We all have an urge to look at your phone every second, I am my own worst enemy writing this! It’s an addiction to constantly keep track of your online life, which cannot be good for you right! So go out and take photos, but leave your phone behind! Go for a walk, don’t take your phone, I can guarantee you, your brain will come up with ideas you would never have thought of if you had distractions! (Maybe take a pen and notebook to write ideas down)

Also finding time to create alone is a big positive. When you have people constantly around you, again they can be big distractions, being alone can really shift your mind and help focus on creating. But it is also great to surround yourself with other creatives when you have so much in common, It can only lead to positivity and inspiration.

•Try something new

 Keeping creative doesn’t always mean to stick to the same thing over and over again, I find that trying other creative methods really keeps me motivated and inspired, whether it’s doing some sketching, writing, or even a different method of photography. Just anything that you’ve always wanted to do but hesitated! Just do it fail and repeat, that’s what art is all about and that’s the only way you’re going to grow as a creative.  

•Don’t be afraid to fail 

Too often these days, you can be so afraid to fail, a number of likes you get on a post, followers you have, but you have to ask yourself, does that actually help, or does it make it worse? I personally got into the habit of creating work not for myself but for the gratitude of others, and that’s one reason you can get into a creative rut! yes, they liked the images, yes they’ve followed you, but does any of that matter if you’re not even happy with your own work? But then you come to another problem, the problem of creating the work you want to create, work that you’re proud of! You become nervous and apprehensive of sharing it! “Creativity thrives on what the brain fears the most” you’ve just got to learn to be proud of your own work!

“When creating. Be kind to your doubt. Hear it out. Thank it for its concern. And reassure it that you are an artist. And the risk is essential.” - Nayyirah Waheed

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